Speaker 51

Utterance: 91

Age: 75

Gender: F

Birth year: 1933

Interview language: Spanish & Catalan

Location: Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain

Standard Romance language prompt translation: bring me the sheet of paper

Phonetic transcription: duˈɣəwmə s pəˈpe

Target Language: dugueu-me el paper


Sound File:

Clitic position (single verb): enclisis
Displaced stress: no
Geminate consonant: no
Interrogative: no
Negation: no
Prepositional complementizer: no
Stress: penultimate
Unknown element: no
Verb 1 auxiliary: no
Verb 1 gerund: no
Verb 1 imperative: yes
Verb 1 infinitive: no
Verb 1 modal: no
Verb 1 number: plural
Verb 1 participle: no
Verb 1 person: 2
Verb 1 tensed: no