Speaker 32

Utterance: 79

Gender: M

Interview language: Italian

Location: Anzi, Basilicata, Italy

Standard Romance language prompt: ho chiesto a Giovanni di darmelo

Standard Romance language prompt translation: I asked Giovanni to give it to me

Phonetic transcription: "addʒə a,duman'nɛ:t a 'ʤwannə də daɾ'mi:ɫə"

/home/crlling/CRL/releases/20140917230212/public/sound_files/speaker32_79.wav /home/crlling/CRL/releases/20140917230212/public/sound_files/speaker32_79.wav
Clitic position (single verb): enclisis
Displaced stress: yes
Geminate consonant: no
Interrogative: no
Negation: no
Prepositional complementizer: yes
Pronoun 1 number: singular
Pronoun 1 person: 1
Pronoun 1 role: IO
Pronoun 2 form: l
Pronoun 2 gender: masculine
Pronoun 2 number: singular
Pronoun 2 person: 3
Pronoun 2 role: DO
Stress: penultimate
Unknown element: no
Verb 1 auxiliary: yes
Verb 1 gerund: no
Verb 1 imperative: no
Verb 1 infinitive: no
Verb 1 modal: no
Verb 1 number: singular
Verb 1 participle: no
Verb 1 person: 1
Verb 1 tensed: yes
Verb 2 auxiliary: no
Verb 2 gerund: no
Verb 2 infinitive: no
Verb 2 modal: no
Verb 2 participle: yes
Verb 3 infinitive: yes
Verb 3 past participle: no